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Brady Arnold Lyrics
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Brady Arnold Lyrics
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Passing Signs

Seeing into the past like passing signs on a road. 
How can you ever find yourself if the answer never shows? 
Making stops along the way to drift through falling clouds. 
We'd always show up late and then we'd have to turn around 

Missing are the keys....Do you have them, let me see. 
Speaking through the wind, is the answer to set you free. 
The days have now changed, and we've got to save our lives. 
Everyday I pray that I'm given a little more time. 

Don't get behind, don't put it out of sight. 
This time free your mind, walk closer to the light. 

As you pass the signs, your mind begins to know. 
The subtle deeper meanings when the truth begins to show. 
Changes in the energy to help the world heal. 
Joy throughout the Universe, cause love is what we feel. 

Don't turn away when you need to work it out. 
Don't let it fade if you're living with the doubt. 

Rising through the mist sitting in the sky. 
Looking over the world from a cloud up oh so high. 

The hours passing by, and the nights you stay awake. 
Just to build a wall of claims you claim to stake. 
Never passing by again, the innocence is shown. 
Try to solve the riddles of this life that you have known. 

As you pass the signs, your mind begins to know. 
The subtle deeper meanings when the truth begins to show.
You see it in the lights, in the sky, and on the street. 
Take a look around because it's everything you see. 

Don't turn away if you don't have much time. 
Don't you run and hide when the light begins to shine. 

Rising through the mist, remembering the signs. 
Trying to grasp the words spoken from the wise. 
Where did I leave the keys for all the doors in time? 
Unlock new freedom that I need in this life.
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